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- Winners announcement -

Congratulations to the #movieofmylife winners!

Mahde Hasan
Where is the Friend's Home


Oswald Iten
Once Upon a Time in the West


Giulio Pettenò
Umberto D.


Lilou Yaang


Antoine Indaco



Dila Chan
Forrest Gump


Matilda Mouchnino
Apocalypse now


All other winners are:

Fabian Baud
Tibor Koehne
Ariele Sgheiza
Roman Orlov
Laurids Koehne
Lucia Junco
Mattia Monticelli
Benedetta Giorgi Pompilio
Adelaide Albinati
Héloïse Godet
Marcel Barelli
Sebastian Pinzon Silva
Milo Cavadini
Ary Pablo Amorim Ferreira
Isotta Sibiriu
Guillod Cédric
Arianna Ortelli e Teresa Ortelli
Gionata Bernasconi

Join us in celebrating the Locarno Festival’s 70th birthday!


Tell us about the movie that changed your life, the one that got under your skin the most, to the point where nothing’s ever been the same since. We all have at least one film, one scene, one shot, that we still can’t get out of our minds. We want you to recall the big screen moments which left such a lasting impression on your life.


Who were you with when you first saw Gene Kelly singing in the rain? Where did you first see the dance scene with Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega? What theater was it when you saw E.T. phone home?



A competition! And you don’t have to be a big-time movie expert. The competition is open to all,  from cinephiles to occasional filmgoers.

Make a video selfie or a film of the view from your home, get a friend to film you outside your favorite movie theater, or come up with any other creative and original way of taking part.


The prizes

The Artistic Director, his staff and a team of programmers will choose the prize winners and a selection of videos to be edited and shown in Piazza Grande during the 70th Festival.


- One flight with Swiss International Air Lines for 2 persons, worth CHF 4'000

- One day with a Swiss filmmaker offered by la Mobiliare, worth CHF 1'500

- 5 boxes containing 20CHF banknotes, offered by UBS, each worth 400CHF

- Various prizes offered by Ascona-Locarno worth a total of CHF 1500, three of which offered by Termali Salini & Spa in Locarno, worth CHF 542:

- x1 Priva Spa You&Me, worth CHF 390

-2x2 Day Admissiona incl. Sauna world, worth CHF 38

- One Flyer e-bike worth CHF 3'000

- 10 SWATCH watches worth 1'000 CHF

- SBB CFF FFS GA travel card 2nd class worth CHF 3'860

- 3 smartphones, worth 1'500 CHF, offered by Swisscom

- Other prizes



The competition will run from 21 March to 11 August 2017. Be careful: only the videos sent by the 15th of July will be considered for a possible screening in the Piazza Grande. The videos sent after this date can still win the other prizes.


The rules

- No longer than 70 seconds

- Do not reveal the title of the movie until the end of the video


Copyright warning!

For copyright reasons you cannot use pictures or sequences from films unless you are the rightholder.

For further information consult the REGULATIONS.


Take part by uploading your video, using the ON-LINE SUBMISSION FORM.


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